Specializing in Government, Educational, Public Works


Plumbing - new construction, remodel, additions Sewer piping - cast iron, abs, stainless steel, acid waste, vents, grease interceptors, neutralization tanks, ejectors Domestic water- copper, cpvc, press, grooved, welded Storm drain systems- roof drains, seismic bracing  Natural gas - polyethylene, steel, threaded, welded Compressed air systems - compressors Medical gas systems - oxygen , nitrogen, vacuum Fixtures - water closets, waterless urinals, lavatories,floor drains, trap primers, water heaters,drinking fountains, eye washes, lab sinks


Site Utilities - on site and off site services Sewer - shoring, bedding, sdr 35, clay , street laterals Storm Drains - catch basins, fossil filters, interceptors, storm drain mitigation, retention, detention systems,junction structures, curb drains, parkway drainsDomestic water- back flow install and testing Fire main - gate valves , thrust blocks, fire hydrants,post indicator valves, fire dept connections, tamper switches 


Mechanical piping - chilled and hot water systems Boilers, chillers, steam, air separators, pot feeders steel piping, copper systems, plastic, valves fan coil units, VFD, test and balance, water treatment  fiber glass pipe, stainless, welded


Coring -  in house trucks with bits from 1"thru 18"Saw cutting - gas, diesel, propane, and electric  road size saws with vacuum trucks 


Excavation services -  operator engineers
back hoes, excavators, mini excavators, bob cats